A dark secret is buried beneath the quiet village of Barrowton.

The local blacksmith and his two young children have disappeared, and all signs point to a ring of ancient stones set atop a hill above the village. They say the barrow is cursed, for few who enter it ever return to see the light of day.

Now the villagers of Barrowton call for aid, and they need a hero: an adventurer like you. And, let’s face it, your cloak is threadbare, your purse is light, and the Divines know you need the work. Will you rescue the smith and his kin? What else will you uncover beneath the Cursed Barrow?

How will the bards remember your name?



Tales of Aeru

Play this gamebook as human or fae, adventuring as a seasoned mercenary, a dauntless explorer, a courageous cleric or a wandering mystic. YOU are the hero of this tale. YOU make the choices.

This is the opening chapter of Nighthaven, Tales of Aeru, a Gamebook where your actions shape the story.